Solid Plastic Bulk Container B2GD1120S78

Super strong solid-walled Australian Standard bulk container (IBC / Pallecon)

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    Product Specifications

    External Length

    External Width

    External Height

    Stacking Height

    Internal Length

    Internal Width

    Internal Height

    Effective Height


    Load Type

    Static Load Capacity (SWL)

    Dynamic Load Capacity (SWL)


    Effective Volume

    Forklift Entry

    Bottom Support

    , ,


    40.5 kg



    Industry Application

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    Introducing the B2GD1120S78 Solid Plastic Bulk Container: Your Versatile Workhorse for Bulk Material Handling!

    This Solid Bulk Container is an exceptionally robust and dependable plastic bulk container designed to streamline your operations across various industries, including:

    • Recycling: Efficiently collect, sort, and transport recyclable materials.
    • Metal Processing: Safely handle and store metal sheets, rods and various parts.
    • Pharmaceuticals: Ensure contamination-free transportation and storage of pharmaceutical powders and liquids.
    • Vineyards & Agriculture: Harvest, transport and store grapes, fruits and vegetables effortlessly.
    • Cheese Manufacturing: Store the cheese while it matures and move it around easily.

    Built to Last

    Manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP) using structural foam injection moulding, the B2GD1120S78 Solid Plastic Bulk Container boasts exceptional durability and resistance to:

    • Chemicals: Acids, alkalis and oils commonly encountered in various industries.
    • Impact: Withstands heavy loads and rough handling, minimizing the risk of cracks or breakage.
    • Temperatures: Performs reliably in both hot and cold environments, ranging from -40°C to 90°C.

    The exceptional strength and durability of this bulk container results in a low total cost of ownership by carrying more product in every load, stacking higher and remaining operational for many years.

    Enhanced Efficiency and Durability

    • Stronger Design and Construction: Thicker walls and floor, more ribbing and a central support arch under the floor keep containers straight for better product protection.
    • Corner Positioners: Locking bulk conainers when stacked and ensure secure lid positioning. They also allow stacking with no loss of volume.
    • Integrated forklift channels: Enables smooth and efficient handling with forklifts.
    • 4-way Forklist Entry (optional): Makes access easy from all sides.
    • Drop-door Front (optional): Facilitates easy loading and unloading of materials.
    • Drainage Valve (optional): Makes liquid handling a breeze.
    • Lid (optional): Ensures product safety in all conditions.
    • Wheels (options): Easily move your bins around.
    Solid Plastic Bulk Container B2GD1120S78 with Fish

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Invest in the B2GD1120S78 Solid Plastic Bulk Container and experience the difference:

    • Unmatched durability and longevity.
    • Improved efficiency and productivity.
    • Safe and secure handling of materials.
    • Reduced waste and environmental impact.

    The B2GD1120S78 Solid Plastic Bulk Containers have been a game-changer for our recycling facility. They are incredibly strong, easy to handle, and stack neatly when not in use. We’ve seen a significant improvement in our operational efficiency

    John M., Recycling Plant Manager

    We use the B2GD1120S78 Solid Plastic Bulk Containers to transport and store metal turnings in our machine shop. They are chemical-resistant and hold up well under heavy loads. We’re very happy with this product.

    Sarah L., Metal Processing Supervisor

    Available in blue, green, red, yellow or grey. Inquire today to for more about the Solid Plastic Bulk Container B2GD1120S78 and how it can benefit your business!


    • Container dimensions in mm (tolerance ±0.2 mm)
    • Container weight in g (tolerance ±2%)
    • In keeping with our goal of continuing product improvement, Plastic2go reserves the right to change material, design and specifications without notice or obligation
    • Plastic2go is not responsible for any damage caused by improper use of container

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