What are the operational advantages of used plastic pallets?

Used plastic pallets with crates

  • Used Plastic pallets are lighter (save on transport costs)
  • Used Plastic pallets come in a wide range of moulded designs available for your needs
  • Used Plastic pallets have longer life expectancy (more trips) for your capital outlay
  • Used Plastic pallets prevents microbial growth
  • Used Plastic pallets does not absorb water, strange liquids or humidity
  • Used Plastic pallets performance does not degrade by commonly used chemicals, solvents and cleaning agents
  • Used Plastic pallets have full perimeter base
  • Used Plastic pallets have rubber anti-slip profiles (Optional)
  • Used Plastic pallets are easy to clean and easy to handle
  • Used Plastic pallets are strong and durable (up to 5 times the life of wood)
  • Used Plastic pallets weigh less than used wood pallets
  • Used Plastic pallets are cheaper to transport than any other Pallet
  • Used Plastic pallets are impervious to acids, fat solvents and odours
  • Used Plastic pallets are resistant to moist, insects and fungi
  • Used Plastic pallets can withstand freeze and steam cleaning
  • Used Plastic pallets when empty can be stored outside, thus saving expensive indoor storage space
  • Used Plastic pallets are of in consistent size and weight
  • Used Plastic pallets are perfect for automated packaging systems and palletizing equipment
  • Used Plastic pallets save the need for costly pallet repairs
  • Used Plastic pallets can be recycled; damaged pallets have a cash value
  • Used Plastic pallets are less likely to be stolen for other uses, such as firewood

What are the financial implications of switching to used plastic pallets?

The costs of used pallets are significantly lower than new pallets.

The initial cost of a used plastic pallet is higher than the traditional used wooden pallet. Over a period of time the plastic pallets become far more cost effective. The cost per trip of a plastic pallet is slightly higher. However, the qualities of the plastic pallets do not change when reused and used plastic pallets are as strong and durable as the new one. The life span of a plastic pallet is much longer (10 to 15 times more) and therefore the per-trip cost is much lower than the wooden pallet.

In many countries around the world, strict quarantine procedures implicate cost associated with shipping of goods using wood pallets. New plastic pallets and used plastic pallets significantly lower the cost and save money, time and effort associated with quarantine procedures.

According to the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service “Future Directions” section of the article Imported packaging materials: addressing the quarantine risks:

The quarantine risk posed by timber packaging is a global concern. Any longer term solution will involve regional or international action on wooden packaging and treatment. Options such as a total ban on timber packaging may need to be considered.

What makes used plastic pallets more cost effective?

  • Used Plastic pallets are more durable, more trips can be made (about 10 to 15 times more)
  • Used Plastic pallets save on storage space
  • Used Plastic pallet save time, money and effort associated with quarantine
  • Used Plastic pallet’s weigh less which saves on cost per trip
  • Used Plastic pallets save time on a factory assembly line with fewer stoppages
  • Used Plastic pallets can be recycled if broken
  • Used Plastic pallets cause fewer injuries in labour force
  • Used Plastic pallets cause less damage to products

What makes used plastic pallets last longer than used wooden pallets?

  • Wood is affected by bacteria, fungus or insect contamination where plastic is not.
  • Plastic pallets are moulded from strong material. No weak spots in the craftsmanship.
  • Freezing temperatures have no influence on used Plastic pallets where used wood becomes brittle and collapses or breaks easily.
  • When stored outside in sun, rain and frost used wood pallets rot in a short time.
  • The wood in wooden pallets can be used for fires or construction and makes them far more likely to be stolen than plastic pallets

Are used plastic pallets resistant to chemicals?

Plastic pallets are moulded from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This material has excellent chemical resistance and is virtually inert to all alkalis, acids, solvents and detergents even when reused.

What kind of used pallets do you supply?

We supply used Export pallets (1140×1140 and 1100×1100), used ISO pallets (1200×1000) and used Euro pallets (1200×800).

How can I find the most suitable used plastic pallets for my shipping needs?

When requesting a quotation, fill in your contact and usage details and our used pallet expert will contact you with pallet specifications and availability

How can I get detailed information on a plastic pallet?

Once you have listed your plastic pallets, you can click each image or product name to get details on that product. The details are displayed in another window, so you still keep the product list in view at the same time. Every time you click a product, the details window will pop up in front and show you the product’s details. If you are interested in looking at a used product option, please click the appropriate box.

How can I request a quotation?

Choose “Used Plastic Pallet┬áRange” from the menu or use the product search box in the footer. Add the desired products to your order, enter the quantity of each product that you want to buy, add your contact and usage details and send us a request for quotation.

How do I contact you with questions not related to any plastic pallet?

Choose “Contact us” from the menu, enter your details and click “Send”. You will see a confirmation page and receive a confirmation message by email.

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