Truck, airplane and shipping containers

Plastic2go is an international manufacturer, wholesales, distributor and consultant in the rigid packaging industry. Plastic2go’s head office is in Brisbane, Australia.

Plastic2go offers a wide range of new and used plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers (pallecons). We supply products for the building, mining, main roads, packaging and equestrian industries.

We manufacture, distribute and wholesale plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers (pallecons) in all standards and for every purpose. This includes Australian Standard, ISO, Euro, Export (best for container freight) as well as special plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers, such as drum pallets.

Plastic2go also offers engineering assistance and support, knowledge, technology and experience. We assist in the development, production and on-time delivery of plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers that set the industry standard in appearance, quality and functionality.

Plastic2go has a strong position in the Australian market. We are currently expanding to New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and the South East Asia Pacific region.

Since early 1980, we have been operating within a group of progressive international manufacturers. These suppliers continually evolve and reinvent themselves as premium full-service injection molders of various plastic materials.

Our Mission

  • Developing, manufacturing and wholesale of superior plastic products of the highest international standards (ISO 8611, ISO 9001, ISO 9002 & TÜV) with emphasis on customer satisfaction and full service engineering support.
  • Manufacturing and wholesale of plastic products from materials that improve Earth’s environment, while delivering international high quality products at a substantially lower prices.
  • Meeting tomorrow’s market demands TODAY!!!
  • Integrating the highest possible quality into every step of the manufacturing process, from the design to the delivery of the finished product.

Our Commitment

  • To partner with our customers, so we can meet and exceed their design, quality and service expectations.
  • To consistently meet the needs of tomorrow’s market by expanding our capabilities. We enhance our services through ongoing research, development and technological advancement.

Key People

Avi Meirovitz, Plastic2go’s Managing Director, has 40 years of experience in the international plastic industry. He has wide experience in rigid packaging, materials handling and logistics in returnable packaging. Avi has a BA degree in Practical Mechanical Engineering.