Brand new lightweight Australian Standard export pallets: nestable with optional skids

One of our plastic export palletsThe time to buy plastic export pallets and lightweight Australian Standard pallets is right now, because these lightweight, nestable plastic pallets with optional skids are on offer for a great price.

These lightweight plastic export pallets are an excellent choice for Australian businesses exporting to any other country, because they are clean, light, safe, fully recyclable and can be stored in a fraction of the space when not loaded with product. Most importantly, because they come at a market crushing price.

Measuring 1100x1100mm, these brand new plastic export pallets are square and fit perfectly into a shipping container. Weighing just over 7kg, they can be used to ship any light product overseas by sea or by air.

For slightly heavier loads or when stacking of pallets is required, the optional skids snap onto the pallets to create a stronger model that can easily stack on top of product boxes while keeping the product underneath safe.By using these plastic shipping pallets, your business can save money and reduce the risk of product damage in transit.

These measurements also fit the Australian Standard for pallets, which makes them an excellent choice for return packaging distribution systems all around Australia.

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What’s great about these lightweight Australian Standard export pallets?

  • Container shipIdeal shape – Square
  • Ideal Size – Fits precisely into a shipping container AND very close to the Australian Standard
  • Nestable – Saves space in storage and transport when not loaded
  • Stackable – Can be stacked with optional skids
  • Environmentally Friendly – Can be completely recycled and available in recycled material
  • Clean – Can be washed, steamed and scrubbed for reclaiming on the receiving end
  • Safe to Handle – Smooth (no splinters), easy to grip and fitted with anti-slip rubber stops
  • Flexible – Choice between nestable and stackable models to suit a wide range of loads

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Special Export Pallet Prices

The prices below are available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Land transport can be provided based on your location.

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Stackable/Stronger Option

Medium duty stackable Asian (square) export plastic pallet for shipping to Asia

Container Size Pallet Quantity Unit Price
40’HC 1090 $29.99
40′ 910 $32.75
20′ 344 $35.95