Solid-walled, folding Australian Standard plastic pallet boxes

This is a special deal on brand new folding Australian Standard plastic pallet boxes (also known as bulk bins, bulk containers or bulk boxes) for a limited time only.

These are folding plastic bulk containers (bins) fitting the Australian Standard (1162mm x 1162mm) with front and back drop gates, comfortable handles and extra handling safety features that make them an exceptional choice for the storage, transport and distribution of any goods, especially fruit, vegetables and meat, within Australia.

Our folding Australian Standard plastic pallet boxes are brand new and come with an optional lid. You can get them vented or with a solid wall.

We are now offering them for a bargain price. Because they are available in Australia, we are taking orders for as few as 8 units. Because they fold, you also save on transport costs.

Choose Your Product

The vented (or perforated) plastic pallet boxes are a great fit in Agriculture, Food Distribution Logistics, Supermarkets, Supply Chain & Third Party Logistics (3PL). The solid ones are also great for Meat Processing and Pharmaceuticals.

No need for separate containers and pallets. These products are both, and they fold to save space and have a door for easy access, which is hard to find in other boxes.

Why buy these folding Australian Standard plastic pallet boxes?

Vented, folding Australian Standard plastic pallet boxes
  • High Return Ratio – Fold to nearly a third of the space when empty
  • Drop Gates front and back – Fruit, vegetables, meat and parts can be loaded quickly and easily
  • Bottom Drainage – Small holes in the base ensure safe transport
  • Self-locking Sides with Wide Handles – Easy assembly and disassembly by a single person
  • Safety Features – Friction pads on skids and base and racking recess locators in skids
  • Stacking Strength & Durability – Can be stacked 6-high to save floor space

* Offer valid for a limited time only

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