Heavy duty rackable Australian Standard plastic palletWe now have brand new Australian Standard rackable plastic pallets suitable for heavy and medium duty transport and warehouse racking.

These plastic pallets are an excellent choice for Australian businesses, because they are clean, can carry over a tonne of product, can be stacked and placed in racking. Some of the models are steel reinforced for extra strength and some are made from recycled material to save you money and help keep the environment clean.

The Australian Standard plastic pallets (1165mm x 1165mm) can be used in a wide variety of applications, including Food, Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Paper, Petrochemical, Mining, Warehousing, Distribution and Retail. They feature a smooth surface (flat top) for extra hygienic applications and ease of cleaning.

Whether you have a bar racking or edge racking system, your business can save a tonne of money by using these rackable plastic pallets over the lifetime of the pallets.

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What’s great about these Australian Standard rackable plastic pallets?

Medium duty rackable Australian Standard pallet
  • Ideal Size – Fits precisely into Australian Standard racking systems in your warehouse
  • Strong and durable: carries up to 1,600-2,000 kg in bar racking and 1,300-1,500 kg in edge racking
  • Stackable – Easy stacking up to 6 high
  • Smooth surface (flat top)
  • Can be used in cold storage and steam cleaned
  • Local/Economic – Available in the major cities in Australia
  • Environmentally Friendly – Can be completely recycled and available in recycled material
  • Clean – Can be washed, steamed and scrubbed to suit any type of product
  • Safe to Handle – Smooth finish (no splinters), easy to grip and fitted with anti-slip rubber stops
  • Flexible – Choice between plastic only and steel reinforced to cover all your storage and transport needs

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