Everything you need to know about Hygiene Plastic Pallets

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Plastic pallets offer a multitude of uses and applications. A wide range of options is available when it comes to plastic pallets. They are extremely suitable for the storage and transport of diverse products. Therefore, it is important to take into account the type of plastic pallet and if it will carry the load of the products.

Hygiene plastic pallets and what they’re used for

Hygiene plastic pallets are ideal for transporting chemicals, fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, and medicines. Why? Because they protect the products from fungi, pests, and bacteria.

Sanitation and cleanliness are timeless concerns in the pharmaceutical and food industries. All pharmaceutical, chemical, medicinal and food industries use hygiene plastic pallets to ensure that the product is protected from dust, grime, bacteria, fungi, and other environmental factors.

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Forklift moving a loaded pallet

Clients often ask us “How much weight can a pallet hold?” This is a very good question so here’s everything you need to know about calculating pallet loads to suit your needs.

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Ship loaded with containers

Exports here in Australia are at an all-time high, topping $250 billion annually. Most of this is thanks to rising commodity trading with China.

When planning your export shipments, you need to select the right shipping pallet size. Depending on where you send your shipment, you will need a different size pallet.

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The logistics industry is huge, involving several activities. If you run a logistics business, or are in charge of logistics in your organisation, you are probably looking out for a cost effective way to get pallets for packaging and transport.

You have two options – either buy plastic pallets or rent them. What is the best choice to make and what type of pallets should you use?

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Ergonomic folding plastic crates now availableAbout 6 months ago (June 17, 2014), we announced a set of new folding (collapsible) ventilated plastic crates for agriculture handling and distribution. But, as we said, our engineering department just keeps the good stuff coming.

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24L folding vented plastic crateThere are many possible plastic crate uses today. Although they have been around for almost 30 years, plastic crates have become more widely used in recent years.

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Return Packaging Crate C2GP5519VThe plastic injection molding industry keeps moving forward and making better and better products, including vented folding (collapsible) plastic crates for return packaging systems. We have just added 6 of these crates to our range of products.

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Lightweight plastic shipping palletsUsing plastic shipping pallets is a cost-saving strategy for today’s businesses. Switch to plastic pallets and reduce costs by: saving on transport costs; minimising product loss; re-using plastic pallets; and purchasing used pallets.

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Loading plastic export pallets into a cargo planeTimber pallets have been around for decades, but are you aware of the quarantine risks associated with their usage? Using plastic export pallets avoids any issues with termites, other timber-borne insects, moulds and fungi: better for the environment all round!

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