Plastic export pallets vs timber pallets: quarantine risks

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Loading plastic export pallets into a cargo planeTimber pallets have been around for decades, but are you aware of the quarantine risks associated with their usage? Using plastic export pallets avoids any issues with termites, other timber-borne insects, moulds and fungi: better for the environment all round!

Traditionally, international transportation has relied on wooden structures, such as timber pallets, to support cargo in transit. The cargoes themselves are regulated by quarantine, requiring identification by type and origin; however, the same does not apply to the timber pallets used in their transport.

Using plastic export pallets for transporting goods internationally offers some benefits that you may want to consider.

Quarantine risks with timber pallets

The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service identifies a number of quarantine risks associated with wooden packaging, including the removal of bark. Bark removal is essential in order to:

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