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Export Plastic Bulk Containers
We are now selling our newest products for a limited time at especially low prices, as we introduce them into the Australian market.

The BeQuick units are dismantle-able export plastic bulk containers. They are an excellent choice for the storage, transport and display of any light-to-medium weight goods.

BeQuick export plastic bulk containers (bins) are brand new and come with a lid.

We are now offering them for a bargain price.

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What’s great about these export plastic bulk containers?

Lightweight dismantle-able plastic bulk container with lid
  • High Return Ratio – Take up 4.16 times less space on return trips
  • Very Low Weight – Parts can be handled by hand when dismantled
  • Bottom Ventilation – Wall and lid ventilation also available
  • Stacking Strength & Durability – Stacking strength comes from thickness and material density of the walls

* Offer valid for a limited time only

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