Vented plastic fruit and vegetable crates

Looking for affordable plastic fruit crates, plastic vegetable crates or vented plastic crates for deliveries?

We have just obtained limited stocks of used black 38L and 50L stackable vented plastic crates.

These crates are an excellent choice for packing, storing and transporting fruits, vegetables, parts and more. They are ideal for agriculture, warehousing, distribution and manufacturing.

You can now get them for the bargain price of $7.99 (for orders of 1,200 or more). Please choose the crate model you want and send us a request for quotation, letting us know if you need any transport).

We will then verify that the crates are a good match for you, give you the best price and organise your delivery.

Choose Your Crate

Why buy these vented plastic fruit and vegetable crates?

These second hand crates are in top condition after only making a single trip from Europe. They are vented (ventilated or perforated) to keep fruit and vegetable dry.

You will find them strong and easily stackable to save floor space. They are made of smooth plastic material to keep fruit and vegetable in good shape for the market.

Here is a summary of what you get:

Fruit and vegetables on display
  • Ideal vented crates for agriculture, returnable packaging, distribution and manufacturing
  • Great storage for produce, both fruit (apples, grapes, peaches) and vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots)
  • Excellent sturdy plastic crates for parts
  • Easy, comfortable handling and stacking
  • Cost saving due to strong design
  • Australia-wide delivery for small orders (60 or 72 units per pallet space)
  • Space saving by stacking up to 10/12 layers per column stack (6 crates per layer)
  • Minimal environmental impact – crates are fully recyclable
  • Hygiene – crates can be steam-cleaned and machine-washed
  • Peace of mind – crates can withstand acids, fats, solvents, odours, moisture, insects and fungi
  • Cost-effectiveness – better prices for large wholesale orders

Get your crates before prices go up!

Price range from $7.99 for large orders to $9.90 for the minimum quantity. Please click the crate model you want to buy to see more details and request your quote: