Now Available: 1200x800 Food & Pharmaceuticals Plastic Pallets (used/second hand)

Heavy Duty Used Plastic Pallet P2GCI1208E-OD-3RU

These are the ideal pallets for heavy duty, high circulation use in the pharmaceutical and food industries, including cheese and meat processing. We now have a stock of heavy duty European Standard (1200x800) plastic pallets that have been collected in Europe and can be shipped to Australia at less than 50% of the price of new pallets.

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  • Regular price (new): $98.00
  • Special price (used): $49.75
  • You save: 50.76%

These heavy duty pallets can be stacked with up to 6,000 kg of load, moved with up to 1,200 kg and stored in racking with up to 1,000 kg. Moreover, they are built to last and can work for many years in high frequency logistics systems.

  • Minimum quantity is 2 x 40′ containers
  • Current location: Europe
  • Delivery lead time: 4-8 weeks

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What’s great about these Food & Pharmaceutical plastic pallets?

  • Heavy Duty Used Plastic Pallet P2GCI1208E-OD-3RU in StackIdeal Size – Fits narrow passages and doorways, particularly in old buildings. Also ideal for exporting heavy loads to Europe
  • Very Strong and Durable – Can be used frequently with heavy loads and last for a long time
  • Stackable – Easy stacking up to 5 high
  • Rackable – Holds up to 1,000 kg in racking
  • Environmentally Friendly – Made from recycled material and can be completely recycled again
  • Clean – Can be washed, steamed and scrubbed to suit any type of product
  • Safe to Handle – Smooth (no splinters), easy to grip and fitted with anti-slip grommets and rim

* Plastic2go reserves the right to terminate this special sale without notice

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