Lightweight plastic shipping palletsUsing plastic shipping pallets is a cost-saving strategy for today’s businesses. Switch to plastic pallets and reduce costs by: saving on transport costs; minimising product loss; re-using plastic pallets; and purchasing used pallets.

Reduce transport and shipping costs with plastic shipping pallets

Transporting or shipping goods anywhere, be it across the country or internationally, costs money. There are not only costs associated with the goods themselves – taxes, etc – but also those related to transporting them. Plastic pallets are light and easy to transport, reducing your overheads; they are easy to sanitise, reducing quarantine charges.

Minimise product loss

Traditional timber pallets can splinter, break and absorb water, which can warp the timber as it swells. the resultant product damage can be very costly. Switching to plastic shipping pallets, while initially more expensive than timber, can minimise loss caused by product damage: the savings can greatly outweigh any increase in pallet cost.

Reduce costs by re-using plastic shipping pallets

The life span of a plastic pallet means that you can reuse plastic pallets up to 50 times, if used according to the of load and temperature specification.

Maintaining their strength and durability over time, compared to traditional timber pallets, they can also be easily sanitised. In comparison, timber pallets have been linked to outbreaks of E. Coli and other bacteria as well as chemical contamination.

Reduce costs by purchasing used plastic pallets

Companies are beginning to buy used plastic pallets as a cost-effective solution in the competitive materials handling market as they offer a number of benefits:

  • their strength and durability allow used plastic pallets to be easily stacked, saving warehouse space
  • their long life span and UV protection allows them to handle sun and rain with no damage

Companies can significantly reduce costs by purchasing from our extensive range of plastic shipping pallets!