Foldable Vented Plastic Crates

There are many possible plastic crate uses today. Although they have been around for almost 30 years, plastic crates have become more widely used in recent years.

Why is this so and how diverse are the industries where plastic crates are being used?

Why are plastic crates popular?

There are many reasons why usage of plastic crates is increasing:

  • Reduce costs as plastic crates are returnable, reusable and recyclable
  • More efficient than one-way packaging
  • Reduce product damage as surfaces are smooth
  • Water resistance and air venting means products retain their freshness
  • Uniformity of size and stackability means efficient use of floor space
  • Foldable plastic crates store compactly when not in use
  • Straight from farm to supermarket aisle means minimal transfer
  • Easy to clean and sanitise without use of harsh chemicals
  • Stronger than cardboard and lighter than timber
  • Resist weather damage
  • Tolerate a broad range of temperatures
  • Minimise manual handling hazards
  • Attractive appearance and wide colour range available

Plastic crate uses in industries

Plastic crates are suitable for a wide range of industries. For example:

  • Fruits and vegetables – plastic crates protect delicate produce
  • Grocery distribution – go straight from the farm to the supermarket shelf
  • Dairy industry – plastic crates keep bottles clean and prevent damage
  • Bakery industry – lightweight plastic crates allow bulky loads to be stacked easily
  • Agriculture – plastic crates can handle heavy loads
  • Fishing industry – floating plastic crates help keep the catch fresh
  • Pharmaceutical industry – plastic crates can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, so they are ideally suited to the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals

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