Return Packaging Crate C2GP5519VThe plastic injection moluding industry keeps moving forward and making better and better products, including vented folding (collapsible) plastic crates for return packaging systems. We have just added 6 of these crates to our range of products.

Whether a folding crate for picking peaches or for delivering kiwi fruit to the market, one of these brand new, state of the art vented plastic crates will be ideal for the job. 3 of them fit the ISO standard (600x400) and the other 3 fit the Australian standard at varying heights. All of them fold to take up to 6 times less space to save money on return trips.

As with all of our products, these return packaging plastic crates combine ergonomic design, low weight, ease of folding and unfolding, card holders and a range of other features. They are UV stabilised, can be steam cleaned and are very durable. They are also environmentally friendly, being fully recyclable, and compliant with the strictest occupational health and safety.

New Return Packaging Crates