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In many countries around the world, strict quarantine procedures implicate cost associated with shipping of goods using wooden products. New and used plastic pallets and crates significantly lower the cost and save money, time and effort associated with quarantine procedures.

According to the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service “Future Directions” section of the article Imported packaging materials: addressing the quarantine risks:

“The quarantine risk posed by timber packaging is a global concern. Any longer term solution will involve regional or international action on wooden packaging and treatment. Options such as a total ban on timber packaging may need to be considered.”

So what can you do?Plastic Pallets, Crates and Bulk Containers

  • Choose our light weight plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers (pallecons) for shipping your flowers, paper products, herbs, fruits, vegetables, clothes.
  • Choose our medium duty plastic pallets, plastic crates and plastic bulk containers (pallet bins) for storing and shipping your food items, beverages, meat, clothes, fruits, vegetables, household items.
  • Choose our heavy duty plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers (pallet boxes) for storing and shipping chemicals, groceries, paint, building materials, fruits, vegetables, metal products.
  • Choose from our wide range of plastic crates for storing and shipping goods in practically any industry and any environment.
  • Choose our plastic crates for your automotive parts, food, pharmaceuticals, meat, poultry, fish, dairy or just about anything else.
  • Choose our new products for best fit or our used products for lowest price.

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  • We’ll work with you to pick the most suitable products and tailor the solution that’s just right for what you need. Use the menu to navigate to the plastic pallets, plastic crates and plastic bulk containers (pallecons) that suit you most, or find your desired plastic pallets, plastic crates and plastic bulk containers with the Product Search.
  • When you request a quotation, we’ll contact you to confirm your selection and answer any questions you may have.
  • We’ll source new or used products for you to meet your budget and preferences.
  • We’ll design and manufacture exactly what you need if we don’t already have it. Just let us know.
  • We’ll work with you to build a business case that clearly shows the benefits of using our plastic products in your business.
  • We’ll support you with the use and maintenance of our products as long as you are happy for us to do so.