Solid Euro Plastic Bulk Container B2GD1208S114

Tall, strong, hygienic, high-capacity Euro Standard (1200x800) solid plastic bulk container.

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    Product Specifications

    External Length

    External Width

    External Height

    Stacking Height

    Internal Length

    Internal Width

    Internal Height

    Effective Height


    Load Type

    Static Load Capacity (SWL)

    Dynamic Load Capacity (SWL)


    Effective Volume

    Forklift Entry

    Bottom Support


    46 kg



    Industry Application

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    Streamline Your Material Handling with Efficient Storage Solutions

    Inefficient storage solutions can create bottlenecks in your lighting manufacturing or recycling operations. Bulky containers that limit capacity and require frequent refills can disrupt workflows and increase labour costs.

    Interest: Introducing the Solid Euro Plastic Bulk Container B2GD1208S114 – Designed for Optimal Storage and Efficiency

    The Solid Euro Plastic Bulk Container B2GD1208S114 is a premium, tall, solid-walled plastic bulk container designed to maximise storage capacity, improve space utilisation, and enhance efficiency within your Australian workplace.

    This container is built to meet the following EURO & ISO standards, guaranteeing compatibility with your existing material handling systems:

    • ISO 2768-1 (series 1) for dimensions and corner castings
    • ISO 1168 (series 1) for corner castings

    Key Features:

    • Large Capacity and Height: With a generous 800 litre (800L) capacity and an impressive 1140 millimetre (mm) height, the Solid Euro Plastic Bulk Container B2GD1208S114 allows you to store significantly more product compared to standard containers. This is ideal for tall or bulky items like lighting components or large recycling materials, reducing refill frequency and saving valuable time.
    • Superior Durability: Manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this container boasts exceptional resistance to chemicals, impact, and extreme temperatures (ranging from -40°C to +90°C). It can handle the weight and potential impacts of various lighting components and recycling materials without compromising integrity.
    • Enhanced Hygiene: The smooth interior and solid wall construction minimise contamination risks, ensuring product purity in hygiene-critical applications.
    • Improved Efficiency: Large capacity and easy handling features reduce refill frequency and streamline workflows.
    • Stronger Design and Construction: Thicker walls and floor, more ribbing and a central support arch under the floor keep containers straight for better product protection.
    • Corner Positioners: Locking bulk conainers when stacked and ensure secure lid positioning. They also allow stacking with no loss of volume.
    • Integrated forklift channels: Enables smooth and efficient handling with forklifts.
    • 4-way Forklist Entry (optional): Makes access easy from all sides.
    • Drop-door Front (optional): Facilitates easy loading and unloading of materials.
    • Drainage Valve (optional): Makes liquid handling a breeze.
    • Lid (optional): Ensures product safety in all conditions.
    • Wheels (options): Easily move your bins around.
    • Stackable Design: The Solid Euro Plastic Bulk Container B2GD1208S114 features a stackable design, optimising storage space when containers are not in use.
    • Forklift and Pallet Jack Compatibility: Integrated forklift channels and a four-way pallet truck access base allow for efficient handling with standard material handling equipment.
    • Drop-Down Door: The easy-access drop-down door facilitates safe and convenient loading and unloading of materials.
    • Smooth Interior: The smooth interior surface minimises product residue and promotes easy cleaning.

    Envision the Advantages

    • Increased Storage Capacity: Maximise storage space and minimise the number of containers required, reducing your overall footprint.
    • Improved Efficiency: Reduce refill frequency and streamline workflows for faster material handling.
    • Enhanced Safety: The robust construction minimises the risk of container damage and product spills, creating a safer work environment.
    • Reduced Waste: The durable and reusable design eliminates the need for disposable alternatives, promoting environmental sustainability.

    We use the Solid Euro Plastic Bulk Container B2GD1208S114 at our lighting factory to store long fluorescent tubes. The tall design allows us to store them vertically, saving us a significant amount of floor space. The strong construction ensures the tubes are protected during handling and transportation.

    John P., Lighting Manufacturer

    Total Cost of Ownership: A Smarter Investment

    While the initial purchase price of a container might seem like the only cost to consider, there’s a bigger picture. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) takes into account not just the initial cost, but also:

    • Replacement costs: Fragile containers prone to damage require frequent replacements, increasing your long-term expenses.
    • Labour costs: Frequent refilling and handling of smaller containers translates to higher labour costs.
    • Space costs: Inefficient storage solutions can necessitate additional storage space, leading to higher rental or ownership costs.

    The Solid Euro Plastic Bulk Container B2GD1208S114, with its exceptional durability and high capacity, minimises these additional costs. Its robust construction reduces the need for replacements, while its large volume allows for fewer refills, reducing labour requirements. Additionally, the tall design helps you optimise storage space, potentially reducing your spatial footprint and associated costs.

    By investing in the Solid Euro Plastic Bulk Container B2GD1208S114, you gain a long-lasting storage solution that promotes efficiency and cost savings.

    Invest in a Long-Lasting Storage Solution

    Upgrade your material handling with the efficient and space-saving Solid Euro Plastic Bulk Container B2GD1208S114. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote!


    • Container dimensions in mm (tolerance ±0.2 mm)
    • Container weight in g (tolerance ±2%)
    • In keeping with our goal of continuing product improvement, Plastic2go reserves the right to change material, design and specifications without notice or obligation
    • Plastic2go is not responsible for any damage caused by improper use of container

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