Folding Solid ISO Bulk Container (IBC) B2GC1210S97

905L ISO (1200x1000) folding solid plastic bulk container

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    Minimum Quantity: 48

    Product Specifications

    External Length

    External Width

    External Height

    Stacking Height

    Internal Length

    Internal Width

    Internal Height

    Effective Height



    Load Type

    Static Load Capacity (SWL)

    Dynamic Load Capacity (SWL)


    Effective Volume

    Forklift Entry

    Bottom Support


    Folded Height

    Nesting Height


    Industry Application

    , , , , , , ,



    • Folding solid plastic bulk container. Designed and manufactured specifically for the ISO standard (1200x1000).
    • Options:
      • Bottom support: 2 skids, 3 skids or 4 feet
      • Door
      • Label holder
      • Hot print logo
      • Embossed print logo
    • Formula for stacking height of X containers:
      Height + ((X – 1) * Effective Height)
    • Formula for folding height of X containers:
      Folded Height + ((X – 1) * Netsting Height)
    • Recyclable
    • Cost-effective
    • Strong and durable
    • Impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odours
    • Resistant to moisture, insects and fungi


    • Container dimensions in mm (tolerance ±0.2 mm)
    • Container weight in g (tolerance ±2%)
    • In keeping with our goal of continuing product improvement, Plastic2go reserves the right to change material, design and specifications without notice or obligation
    • Plastic2go is not responsible for any damage caused by improper use of container

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